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New Vortex Thrusters by Wesmar

Y.E.P. chooses to sell and install the best marine products available This is why we sell and install Wesmar bow and stern thrusters. These high quality units are precision machined yet rugged and reliable. Wesmar uses a 4- blade stainless steel Kaplan prop, not plastic as seen on some competitor’s thrusters. All units are available with a single prop or with dual counter-rotating props to deliver up to 40% more thrust for a given horsepower. Wesmar thrusters can be mounted in the bow or on the stern, can be driven with hydraulics or with DC (batteries) or AC (from generator) motors.
Why not let Y.E.P. visit your boat for a no obligation free quote. We will be happy to answer your questions and outline just how we would do the job and give you a fair price.

Roll Stabilizers

At Yacht Equipment & Parts, we want our customers to have the best products available, for the best price and products that they can rely on. That’s why we only sell and install Wesmar stabilizers. Wesmar uses a technologically advanced electronic gyro that has no moving parts to wear out This gyro in conjunction with the Wesmar CPS1000 console cycles at 1000 times per second delivering lightning speed reaction for exceptional performance. The electronic gyro sensor sends information about roll velocity and acceleration directly to Wesmar’s proportional valves, which react instantaneously to rotate the fins. When the desired lift is achieved to counteract the rolling force of a wave, Wesmar’s closed proportional hydraulic system instantly reacts with the gyro to correct the rolling. This coordinated response stabilizes the vessel immediately.

Q: Is there a company who you can trust to spec out and install Wesmar stabilizers on your vessel in South Florida?
A: Y.E.P.

Call today to arrange a free, no obligation visit to your vessel to answer questions on roll stabilizers.


Need help finding the big sport-fish or schools of bait fish? Will you be navigating in unfamiliar waters? Wesmar’s focused beam sonar may be the answer. This sonar shows you the complete picture, in great detail, of what is under, ahead, behind and 360 degrees around your vessel. It provides commercial grade navigation and fish finding for pleasure boat and sport fishing prices. The transducer extends and retracts safely under the boat and can be tilted to get optimal bottom profile and forward looking scans. Put up a split screen and see both at once. The new pistol grip hand control makes complicated sonar consoles obsolete. Please call for additional info on these fantastic sonar systems.

Q: Is there a company in South Florida that can install sonar on my boat?
A: Y.E.P.

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